Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tips On Safe Trip

Traveling is a good experience and part of education for all. But the benefits going solo are uncountable. However, there are some notorius individuals that atimes lurking at tourist spots to try to take advantage of your freedom , so there is a need for you to take a few measures when you travel so that you and fellow mates can stay safe.

Here are some safety guide to help you enjoy your traveling safely;

Always lock all doors and windows of your hotel room. Try to hide large quantities of your money and only keep a few bills in your wallet . Do not take your best personal belonging on you. Leave your important belonging at home or locked inside your hotel . When moving out from your hotel into town, take note of landmarks and do not forget street names. Take note of any guy you keep seeing at the market or near your hotel. Employ the service of a reputable guide to take you around. Do not take too much liquor .

Taking risks it is a part of Traveling that is ; entering bus to an unknown place, discussing with a strangers in a bar or restaurant,etc. Plan your travelling as not to arrive in places at night. Have enough money to book a hotel .
If you do not have an idea how to get home then do not move far away from your hotel with your new friends. Do not move around at night in dark areas such as gardens or beaches, unless in a company of friends.
Country Law officers do not want tourists to ever be harassed or mistreated so do not waste time contacting them if you feel guys are monitoring you, they are for service. Try to be friendly .

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nickysam said...

Avoid leaving road maps in plain sight inside your parked car; instead, try to look like a local, even if your license plate isn’t. If your vehicle is laden with luggage, and especially if you have gear stowed on the roof, park it where you can see it. At night, take everything that is in plain view with you into your motel room.

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