Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The United States has a big number of airlines both domestic and international. These US airlines has big aircraft that contains more than 150 passengers and little aircraft that contains less than 15 persengers. These airlines offer flights to some of the busiest airports in the world and remote places in the United States.
These Airlines also offers services to private charter companies. These airlines includes TWA, Southwest, Northwest, Delta and Alaska airlines .
Some of these airlines partnership with major international carriers to provide alternetive price for travelers .
Most of these Airlines are also cooperating with hotels and car rental companies to provide packages to travelers. Also some of they are partnering up with credit card companies. That is if you have a Delta Airlines credit card for example, you can use it, and while useing it, you add up points which you can redeem for a plane ticket or in a hotel.

Some of these airlines also offer reward schemes known as frequent flier miles. The people that have these miles from both domestic and international travel, accorded services like priority check in, VIP treatment and choice to upgrade from coach to first class. United Airline is a travellers choice because of the reasonable ticket prices that they offer and some other packages.