Friday, September 12, 2008


Florida, have places to live, places to visit, and places to explore; Indian River County happens to be a place of all . Being a place of interest on the news as of the past few years, you may not have heard of one of its towns named Sebastian. It is known as being the home of the first designated wildlife refuge in the United States; a place known only as Pelican Island. The town is quickly becoming a land of subdivisions and town homes, with schools, parks and other facilities that make it the perfect place to live.
Though Sebastian itself is a small town, many other smaller towns that surround it make up its City such as the town of Roseland and Wabasso. There are a few roads that will get you pretty much anywhere you would like to go in the city, such as Roseland Road, and Barber St. These roads all connect to one another in some shape or form which allow easy access to all of the great locations and prevent you from ever getting lost. Even if you did get lost, the local store owners and employees, Police officers, and the inhabitants will be quite friendly and assist you in directions or any other questions you have.

! Sebastian is home to six public schools, three of which are elementary schools, two junior highs, and one high school. There are also a variety of parks, two of which are more the main attractions, such as the Creative Playground/Barber Street Sports Complex and the Riverview Park. For fun in the sun, you have hundreds of choices and two of them are facilities, such as the North County Aquatics Center and the Sebastian Skate Park, a small admissions fee. Sebastian is also home to over 20 Churches of many different faiths, all dedicated to strengthen you on your spiritual journey.
There is the Sebastian Golf course for a full Hole tour and many lakes and ponds to fish at,but all these is only half the fun. .
Of course, not everything is simply for residents. There are many other attractions that will satisfy you for a lifetime or for a short vacation. Sebastian is mainly know for its parallel run next to the Indian River; considered one of the best relaxation and fun spots ever to be exploited on the water.
Several islands are there waiting to explore as is the Wildlife Refuge, The Pelican Island. From Fishing, to camping, to boating, to tubing and swimming ; it does not matter your preference, the Indian River will fulfill your heart of desire with as much fun as the river has in volume of water. Do you want a rougher ride?Then turn your boat starboard or northeast and head towards the Sebastian Inlet. From there, you can head out to the Atlantic Ocean and see the beaches on both sides of the inlet itself.Then park that boat at the ramp, drive south down Highway , take a left and head East across over the Wabasso Bridge, and there you will arrive at the home of the Treasure Coast Beaches! Take your pick heading North or South , as there are a variety of beaches there; some with playgrounds, others with restaurants

Now, you have to be hungry after a day like this of fun adventure. The hot spots consist of restaurants located on Indian River Drive. The main attraction is Captain Hiram's Resort; a restaurant, bar and grill, and hotel service that is well known in country . Also along Indian River Drive are restaurants such as Hurricane Harbor, Red Garlic Bistro, and Squid Lips, all mostly known for their seafood and bars. Maybe seafood isn't your thing though, but I know Sebastian has more to offer.And if you're heading out to the golf course or anywhere near Main Street, be sure to stop by The Eagle's Nest on Airport Drive for some breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink specials. Though Sebastian might not be the party town, they know how to have a good and safe time. Sebastian has endless opportunities for both visitors and residents. Visit and see for yourself.

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