Monday, September 15, 2008


Olinda was assumed to be the mother of the Republic,considered to be the birthplace of Brazilian nationality. Around 1538 Duarte Coelho Pereira who had been granted the Pernambuco Captaincy declared it so beautiful a place to build a city.

Around 16th Century Olinda was the most prosperous city in Brazil,because of the sugar plantations.

The city is full of so many fistival activities to delight visitor,one of which is the Olinda Carnival which is annual event .

Some world's media are guilty of showing the images of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and its samba schools. But when Brazilians want to have an authentic carnival , they come to Olinda and Recife. It normally takes Brazilians a year to prepare for Carnival, and the Olinda and Recife Carnival is given a great attention.

The hills of the Cidade Alta is what pictures the spirit of Olinda. Along its streets, are traditional churches and old houses that identifys Olinda. Brazil's first School of Law was founded in Olinda, in addition to many monasteries, convents and schools.

Olinda is about 5 to 6 kilometers from Recife and is a dwelling place to many Artists. UNESCO considered Olinda as Historical and Cultural Heritage of Mankind. Musicians, who arrived Olinda during Carnival, chose the city as their dwelling place.Olinda is known for its intellectuals, historians and painters. I wish you should plan your trip to Olinda and experience the historical Carnival.

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