Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guides In Limousine Rental

Below are the tips to guide you in renting limousine-----

1. Consider the type of vehicle, make sure it match your outing .Sleek,stretch and black limousines are for prom nights and other parties while lecher doors are for wedding.

2. Think of the price. The model, make and quality attracts higher cost.So try to equate the price and quality to cost.

3. The location of the rental shop should be considered as well. The price could be higher if you are living far away from the rental shop. So find the service that close to your home.

4. The number of people using it is very important in renting limousine. Better services will be given to you if you can declare the number of people using it.

5. Cheap limousine may give you poor services while high rates costs gives a better services.

6. read reviews of the rental shops before renting and ask for some discounts if possible.

7.Find out the dos and don't inside the limousine .Some companies do not allow smoking and alcoholic inside the limousine while some do.

8. If you like music while on ride you have to request in advance and it will be provided for you.

9.Try to keep in constant tough with the company after booking the limousine. Calls can be an advantages .

10.You have to give some minutes allowance let say about 15 minutes or more so that the car will arrive your doors at an earlier time,to prevent delays and for you to make sure if the limousine is really going to make it .

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